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To start Kurdish to English translation, please enter the Kurdish text into the upper window. Then click the green button "Translate" and you text will be translated. This Kurdish-English translation service can translate Kurdish sentences and Kurdish texts, but only 5000 characters at one time.

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The Kurdish language belongs to the northwestern group of the Iranian sub-branch of the Aryan languages of the Indo-European family. In the Middle Ages, the language was significantly influenced by Persian and Arabic. There are also borrowings of words from the Turkish language. The Kurdish languages are a combination of dialects, many of which are not mutually intelligible. Kurdish Kurmanji or northern Kurdish is one of the largest dialects of the Kurdish language. According to some estimates, Kurmanji is spoken by about 19-20 million people. Unlike other dialects of the Kurdish language, the remnants of the case system have been preserved in Kurmanji: direct case, indirect and vocative. The division of nouns into masculine and feminine gender has also been preserved. All geographical names, terms and borrowings are found in the feminine gender. Kurmanji use the Hawar alphabet in Latin graphics, which includes 26 letters of the standard Latin alphabet and 5 more letters with diacritics.