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To start free translation from English to Kurdish Sorani, you need to enter the text in English in the top edit box and click the green "Translate" button. This online English-Kurdish Sorani translation service has a limit of 5000 characters per translation.

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Kurdish Sorani is the second largest dialect of the Kurdish language. The Kurdish Sorani or Central Kurdish is spread mainly in the southeastern part of Kurdistan in Iraq (5-6 million people), in Iran from Urmia to Kermanshah (1-2 million), as well as among the Kurdish diaspora of the European Union and the United States (500 thousand). The city of Sulaymaniyah in Iraq is considered the historical center and the unofficial "capital" of the Sorani dialect. From the point of view of historical evolution, the northern Kurdish dialect (Kurmanji) is more conservative and isolated from other Kurdish dialects than the central one (Sorani), both in phonetic and morphological structure. The Kurdish Sorani was strongly influenced by the neighboring languages of the region (Arabic and Persian), which were spoken by the peoples who lived nearby. Serious differences in morphology make it difficult to understand the northern and central Kurds. The literary Sorani is written in Arabic script. Currently, Kurdish Sorani is the second official language of Iraq.