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To start Latin to English translation, please enter the Latin text into the upper window. Then click the green button "Translate" and you text will be translated. This Latin-English translation service can translate Latin sentences and Latin texts, but only 5000 characters at one time.

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Latin is the language of the Latin-Faliscan branch of the Italic languages of the Indo-European language family. Today it is the only active, albeit limited, of the ancient Italian languages. The modern descendants of Latin are the Romance languages: Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Galician, Romanian, French, etc. Latin is one of the oldest written Indo-European languages. Today Latin is the official language of the Holy See, the Order of Malta and the Vatican City State. A large number of words in European languages are of Latin origin. Latin is primarily a synthetic language. This means that grammatical categories are expressed by inflection through declension or conjugation. Latin has 6 cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, adjunctive (ablative), vocative. There are three genders in Latin: feminine, masculine and neuter. Latin verbs have 6 tenses, 3 moods, 2 voices, 2 numbers and 3 persons.