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To start free translation from English to Latin, you need to enter the text in English in the top edit box and click the green "Translate" button. This online English-Latin translation service has a limit of 5000 characters per translation.

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Latin is the language of the ancient Romans, used in the Roman Empire. The language of the Latin-Faliscan branch of the Italic languages of the Indo-European language family. Latin is one of the oldest written Indo-European languages. Today, Latin is the official language of the Holy See, the Order of Malta and the Vatican City State, as well as, to some extent, the Roman Catholic Church. A simple sentence in Latin most often consists of a subject and a predicate, and the subject is usually in the nominative case. The pronoun is rarely used as a subject. The predicate can also be expressed by a verb, a nominal part of speech, or a nominal part of speech with an auxiliary verb. Due to the synthetic structure of the Latin language and, as a result, a rich system of declensions and conjugations, the word order in a sentence is not decisive. Grammatical categories are expressed by inflection through declension or conjugation. In Latin, there are 6 cases and 3 genders (feminine, masculine, neuter). Latin verbs have 6 tense forms, 3 moods, 2 voices, 2 numbers and 3 persons.