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For translation Polish to English, enter the text into the upper edit window. Click the green button "Translate" to start Polish-English translation. You will get the result in the edit box below.

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An alternative online Polish to English translation

This Polish to English translation service will help you to translate small texts. Please note that this service can translate no more than 1000 characters at a time.

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Polish is the language of the Poles, which belongs to the lechitic subgroup of the West Slavic group of the Indo-European language family. Polish is one of the three largest languages of the Slavic group in terms of the number of speakers, along with Russian and Ukrainian, as well as the largest Western Slavic language both in terms of the number of speakers and the territory it occupies. There are ten parts of speech in Polish: noun, adjective, numeral, pronoun, adverb, verb, preposition, conjunction, particle, interjection. There are no articles in Polish, and subject pronouns are often omitted. Nouns belong to one of three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. There are seven cases in Polish: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, creative, local and vocative. Adjectives in Polish are consistent with nouns in gender, number, case, animacy/inanimacy, and masculine gender categories. The Polish verb has categories of type, mood, tense, person, number, voice, gender and masculine gender. The form of the Polish verb can be perfect and imperfect. Verbs also have different tenses: past, present and future. The Polish alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet, but has additional letters formed using diacritics. The total number of speakers is approximately 40-42 million, of which about 36 million are in Poland.