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To start translating text from English to Estonian, enter the text in the top edit box. Next, click the green "Translate" button and you will get the result in the edit box below.

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Translation English to Estonian alternative

This English-Estonian translation service will help you to translate small texts into Estonian. Please note our service can translate only 1000 characters at a time.

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Estonian is the language of Estonians and the official language of Estonia. Estonian is the mother tongue of about 1 million people. Estonian is commonly referred to as the southern branch of the Finnish languages, and it is the second most widely spoken of all Finnish languages. Finnish languages also include Finnish and some minority languages (Karelians, Vodi, Veps, Izhora), spoken around the Baltic Sea and in northwestern Russia. The noun does not have a gender category. The Estonian language has 14 cases: nominative, genitive, partitive, illative, inessive, elative, allative, adessive, ablative, translative, terminative, essive, abessive, and comitative. Typologically, the Estonian language is a transitional form from an agglutinative to a fusion language. In the Estonian language, the verb has 2 voices - personal and indefinite-personal, which actually correspond to the active and passive voices in English, French and German. The Estonian alphabet was created based on the German alphabet and uses standard Latin letters with the addition of diacritics. There are 32 letters in the Estonian alphabet.